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"Don't worry, Elder Martial Brother," said Wan Jian with a roar and an impassioned expression. "Although I can't fight side by side with you, those clowns of the Demon Sect won't dare to plunder the edge of my Dragon Sword!" Dao Xuan looked at Wan Jian with a different look in his eyes. He was a little worried, a little appreciative, and a little more deeply strange. But after a moment, a warm smile appeared on his face after all. He looked at the Younger Martial Brother gently: "Look, do you dare to say that you are not sharp-edged?" Wan Jian was stunned and couldn't help laughing, but his laughter was hearty, and there was no hindrance at all. Under the starlight, by the side of the blue water and cold pool, his white clothes were like snow, and the whole person was like a shining sword, emitting a soul-stirring brilliance, which could not be seen! www.xiaoshuotxt.com The eighth chapter is wild ^txt-。 Small% say days. Don The warm sunshine once again sprinkled on the sea of clouds of Tongtian Peak, shining on the white clouds and mists floating here like a dream, which added to the flavor of the immortal family. Compared with yesterday, Tongtian Peak is much calmer here, most of the disciples of the other six veins of Qingyun Gate have returned to the mountain, and although the disciples of Qingyun Gate on Tongtian Peak have the largest number of disciples in the seven veins, at ten o'clock in the morning, most of them are doing the most important homework of the day in their residence, so when the field is not easy to fall on the sea of clouds, except for a few Taoist boys who occasionally pass by, Unexpectedly, someone is on the platform of this spacious sea of clouds. Tian Yi looked around,12 needle valve, hesitated for a moment, then turned and walked to the other side of the sea of clouds. Yesterday he had just been to Feicuiping with several brothers of the same school. Naturally, he was familiar with the road. Soon, he went down the sea of clouds and walked on the quiet path. There were still ancient tombs on both sides of the road, and there were still clear birdsong in the depths of the woods, but on the path, Tian Yi was the only one at the moment. He walked slowly, and his mood could not help but slowly relax, as if he had merged into this quiet world. There is wind,hydraulic fitting supplier, gently blowing, blowing on the face with a faint fragrance of leaves and grass, it seems that the whole body and mind are relaxed. Unconsciously, Tian Yi had finished the road, the terrain in front of him was suddenly clear, and a few figures suddenly came into view in front of him, which also pulled Tian Yi back from the quiet world. Standing in front of four people, heard Tian Yi's footsteps all turned to look, Tian Yi was taken aback, one is did not expect Wan Jianyi actually found this many people to come, and the other is that these people belong to the same door, he actually knew most of them. When the first one dressed in Taoist robes, tall, square and dignified face, is the Cangsong Taoist of Longshou Peak, and standing beside him are two people, respectively, Shang Zhengliang of Chaoyang Peak and Zeng Shuchang of Fenghuifeng, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, are acquaintances who fought side by side in the Zhengmo War a few days ago, the remaining one stands on the left side of Cangsong, also dressed in Taoist robes, Tian is not familiar with it, but looks familiar with it. On second thought, I remembered that this man was also a well-known figure of the younger generation in Qingyun Gate, the Tianyun Taoist of Luoxia Peak. Yesterday in the Yuqing Palace, he was also rewarded by his elders for his outstanding performance in the Zhengmo War. With this in mind, Tian Yi suddenly felt a slight fever in his ears. It was obvious that the four people in front of him were all unusual people. They were all outstanding among the disciples of Qingyun Gate. In contrast, he was invisibly compared with them. And in front of Cangsong and others to see is Tian Yi also came here, seems to be a little surprised, look at each other, but no one said anything, and Tian Yi is more familiar with Ceng Shu Chang and Shang Zhengliang, but also showed a smile to say hello. Tian Yi stepped forward and smiled at Tseng Shu-chang and Shang Zheng-liang. "Are you also summoned by Elder Martial Brother Wan from Changmen?" He asked. Uncle Tseng often nodded his head and said, "That's right. Elder Martial Brother Wan only told me that there was something important that needed our help, but he didn't say what it was. Elder Martial Brother Tian, do you know?" Tian Yi shook his head and said, "I'm confused, too." At this moment, the Cangsong Taoist, who was standing aside, said lightly, "Elder Martial Brother Wan is far-sighted. Since we have been summoned to come, we will wait patiently.". ” Cangsong Taoist usually in the disciple generation of prestige slope is quite heavy, he spoke like this, the people also did not say much, Cangsong Taoist face expressionless look at Tian Yi, then turned his head, looking into the distance. Tian is not easy to feel uncomfortable somehow, but Cangsong Taoist has nothing special for him, Tian is not easy to be silent for a moment, also let go, the same is looking forward. Feicuiping is as green as jade, the grass swings with the mountain wind, like waves, and the white clouds in the distance are as beautiful as a picture. Tian is not easy to be intoxicated with the beauty of heaven and earth, and has already thrown the unhappiness in his heart out of the sky. I don't know how long, suddenly behind the people on the path and heard a sound of footsteps, field is not easy to move in the heart, the mind suddenly passed ten thousand sword one that natural and unrestrained figure, hurriedly turned to look, Cangsong and others have also turned around, but after they see the people, but are all in a daze. The bearer was not Wan Jian Yi in everyone's imagination, but two beautiful women, one with a cold temperament and a sword in his hand, the other with eyebrows and skin like snow, who were the two sisters of Shuiyue and Su Ru Shi of Xiaozhu Peak. Cang Song and others looked at each other, apparently it was unexpected that Wan Jian was so powerful that even the famous iceberg beauty in Qingyun Gate and the unpretentious Shuiyue could be pulled in. However, although Shuiyue did not like words on weekdays, she had long been famous in Qingyun Gate, not under Cang Song and others, and her help was naturally beneficial and harmless. At that moment, Cangsong Taoist and the others all nodded and exchanged pleasantries with Shuiyue. Shuiyue didn't say much, but only nodded slightly in return. It happened that she turned her beautiful eyes and saw Tian Yi standing aside. Suddenly she snorted and said, "Are you confused,brass tube fitting, Elder Martial Brother Wan? What kind of people, no matter how high or low they are, are all called together!" 。 chinaroke.com

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