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"There are still many strong people in this battlefield." Bates said in a low voice, "There are rules in this battle field.". If you can win ten consecutive victories, you will get a 10% discount on all items purchased in Freedom Castle. If you win fifty victories, you will get a 20% discount on all items purchased in Freedom Castle. And if 100 wins! It's only half price to buy items at Liberty Castle. And also reward 10 billion ink stone! At the same time. Also qualified to go to the West Island to visit the secret place! Buy half price, reward 10 billion ink stone. Lin Lei doesn't care. See the dense land of the West Island? What do you mean Lin Lei has some doubts. The East Island of Miluo Island is open, while the West Island is forbidden to outsiders. But I've never heard of Lin Lei in Midi, West Island. This Miluo Island is jointly managed by five big families, and the children of the five big families, as well as the soldiers protecting the island, all live on the West Island. However, it is said that there is one of the most important secret places on the West Island, and only those who are invited by the five big families, or those who have won a hundred victories, are eligible to visit it. Bates sighed. Lin Lei couldn't help being curious. The five big families jointly manage Miluo Island. What is the so-called West Island? "You haven't been to see it, Bates?" Lin Lei looked at him. I'd love to see it. Bates shook his head and laughed. "But I value my life more.". It is not difficult for me to win ten battles in this battlefield. But a hundred wins? After all, it is impossible for all the combatants to be weak. If a strong man suddenly appears,38 needle valve, won't I be finished? "Is no one lucky enough to meet the weak in a hundred consecutive battles?" Lin Lei asked. It's impossible. Bates shook his head and said, "Even if this man is lucky, he has won 99 consecutive battles against a very weak superior God, but in the hundredth battle, the five families will arrange their own masters to test each other!"! Those who can really win are all masters. At least I have the strength. Lin Lei nodded slightly. That's right, I'm afraid the five big families won't give 10 billion bonuses to people with good luck and poor strength. The bonus is 10 billion yuan, and these five families are really rich and powerful. Lin Lei secretly said in his heart. Lin Lei,pipe fittings manufacturer, it should be easy for you to win a hundred victories. Betts bewitched way, "generally reach the six-star demon realm.". You will be sure to win a hundred victories, and the five-star devil with good luck will also have a chance. After all, the seven-star demon takes part in the battle of the battlefield, and it is estimated that it will only appear once in tens of thousands of years. Lin Lei smiled, of course. Mighty seven-star demon, who cares about the ten billion ink stones? Of course, for a long time. For example, in ten thousand years, perhaps there will still be a seven-star demon level master to participate in the battlefield. Boss, look! Beibei said eagerly. Huh? Lin Lei looked at Beibei doubtfully. Not only Beibei, needle valve manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, but also Delia reminded him, "Lin Lei, look at the people coming out of the clearing.". That's the man we met at the beginning! After watching the previous battle, Lin Lei didn't expect much from the battlefield battle. But at this moment, Lin Lei still looked at the past immediately according to the words, but this look was startled! It was the color of an old acquaintance in the open space. "Unexpectedly, this rare possibility in ten thousand years has become a reality.". There is really such a strong master. In the clearing of the battle. Is standing in a black robe carrying a sword of cold and proud figure. The long ink-dyed hair floated wantonly, and the whole person stood there, like an iceberg that had existed for millions of years, cold and untouchable. Between the eyes closed, there was a faint flash of thunder and lightning. It was him. Bates also swallowed his throat and said in shock, "Isn't he sure to win a hundred victories if he participates?" Next to Beibei is confused: "En?"? I remember he was moving faster than us, according to reason. We should arrive at Miluo Island early before us. You shouldn't have met us. The dark-haired man was alone and moving very fast indeed. Lin Lei recalled what others were talking about in the restaurant. On the road from Lanfeng City to Miluo Island, the forces of large robbers were shattered. Perhaps he had gone all the way to destroy the power of the robbers, or perhaps he had practiced halfway. Lin Lei secretly said. Lin Lei immediately watched the battle carefully. After all, it was this powerful black-haired man who came out. You. Too weak, get out! An indifferent voice echoed over the battlefield. That's what the dark-haired man said. His opponent was a handsome young man with purple hair, dressed in a white robe and holding a white wand. Suddenly there was a hubbub in the stands. I haven't seen such a crazy person for many years. Let the other side roll before fighting. When the young man with purple hair heard this, he was furious: "I didn't know until after the war!" The dark-haired man could not help staring at him. Brush! Suddenly, two flashes of lightning shot out of the black-haired man's eyes, so fast that the purple-haired youth could not dodge and split directly into the body of the purple-haired youth. The young man with purple hair trembled slightly and fell to the ground. There was no more sound. Hundreds of thousands of spectators in the stands were stunned for a moment. The whole stand was silent. The weak don't come over. That's a death wish. Next, the stronger one. I'm here for a continuous engagement! The black-haired man said indifferently. Continuous engagement! This is a very arrogant performance, because once the continuous engagement. Then there is no choice. Whoever fights next, he must fight! Even if the next one is Shura, he has to fight. Of course, it is impossible for Shura to appear. So dare to choose continuous engagement, not head fever, is the real strong. Luo Miao, a victory! A voice appeared from the battlefield, "Everyone, now Mr. Luo Miao chooses to engage continuously, as long as he is the superior God, no matter who he is, he can fight.". If you are willing to do so, you can sign up below immediately. All right, let's go straight to the second battle! Lin Lei couldn't take his eyes off it. After watching from the first battle to the tenth battle! As for the eleventh battle behind, it's not that Lin Lei doesn't want to see it, but that he can't see it. Because the people who take part in the battlefield fight up to ten battles a day. Even if you want to win,14 tube fitting, it will take at least ten days. Na Luo Miao fought ten games in a row, all of which were easily won, and his strength was so strong that the viewers held their breath.

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