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I understand. I won't touch you. The flame of surprise in his eyes died out. "It's the best news for me that you're willing to come home with me." On the way home, I received a phone call from Tong Yujia. She came to visit at noon on the first day of the hospital, and I didn't want to tell her about it. Si Chun, I will give you a holiday. You can come back to work at any time. The position of executive director is always yours, YUP! Yeah, too 。” She looked at me. "You've done so much for me, for the company. You deserve it." "I'm sorry I didn't make it to the end of the SHAY game." I'm still struggling with this. It's like the regret of not being able to see the completion of a palace that you have worked so hard to build. This CASE is the best job you have ever done, and I am very satisfied. You don't need to do anything else. Everything is waiting for the result tonight. Tong Yujia said, "Believe in your ability, the result must be the one we are most satisfied with." I didn't watch the game that night. I sat in a hospital bed, not knowing how to face my relationship with Shu Zhikai, which I had made a mess of. Xijun is with me. Shu Zhikai sat outside the door separated by a wall, and Jiang Hua sat beside him. That's all. Then discharge and go home. Don't surf the Internet, don't watch TV, don't read newspapers,tube fitting manufacturer, and turn off your mobile phone. Until now, I don't know who had the last laugh that night. When I promised Shu Zhikai to go home, I was determined to try to get my life back on track. When I turned on my cell phone, the first thing I received was a call from Tong Yujia. You Not at all. Over there is the tone of inquiry. If you have something to say, say it. I say Do you know the result of that day? "Tell me." SHAY wins. 15,879,14 needle valve,645 votes to Chen Li's 10.46 million votes. This CASE of yours is the most perfect. She said, "There were several companies that wanted to poach that night, but SHAY was very loyal and did not agree.". We announced the signing of a contract with SHAY the next day, and now Peter Pan's mobile phone, which is doing economy for SHAY, is almost blown up by sponsors and advertisers. He is red, indisputable, one in a million. His red road seems to be smooth sailing, but in the dark I do not know how much effort, and countless people plot against each other, again and again by people, ball valve manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, again and again busy putting out the fire, pacify the people. How many times I thought I had come to a dead end, but I survived in a desperate situation. But all this finally succeeded. That Where is Chen Li going? "A lot of companies and agents wanted to sign him, but he disappeared completely after the game, like he disappeared.". I think it's probably a big company that has an agreement with him before. Maybe it's not certain that it will come out as a secret weapon in two days. "Oh.". You haven't said what you want to call me. "That.." If you can.. We have decided to release the first disc for SHAY together with Zhe Weilin's studio, so the planning of copywriting.. It doesn't matter if you don't want to do it. I just thought you might want to finish what you started.. Weilin was helping TNT make the first album of COLD DREAM some time ago? Why are you free? "COLDDREAM's album has been finished, and TNT fired them with their sexuality, which made Zhe Weilin very disgusted.". So he didn't follow in the same period. "Oh.". Is it urgent? No hurry, no hurry. Interview in November. You have more than a month. The other side said, "SHAY went to record all the songs yesterday, and I have asked Xiaolei to send them to your mailbox.". His condition is surprisingly good, there is no fatigue of long-term competition, his voice is very loose, and his recording is very good. He himself said that he hoped you would do his first one. "Oh, then I.." Do it and see. "You don't have to come to work, not at all, just tell me what's going on.". You have 100% autonomy. The other side said, "Do this while you rest.". SHAY and I both think you need something in your current state so that you won't go into a dead end. "You told him?" I was surprised. I didn't say anything specific. I just said that you had a bad thing and took a break. Are you with Shu Zhikai now? "恩 . "She must have known what she saw in the hospital." Then I can go to his place to see you when I'm free. "I see." "Thank you, bye-bye." Shu Zhikai sat in the driver's seat in front of him and turned his head at the red light: "Sichun, you are really the strongest and most incredible woman I have ever seen." "Why?" "No.". I'm glad to see you're trying to get your life back on track. This matter is a barrier, and everything is all right after it has passed. Shu Zhikai, I don't know if I can walk past, I really don't know. I want to say it, but I can't. Because when you face your love, you can't say a lot of things in your heart. That night, I sat on the bed in Shu Zhikai's bedroom and looked at him. He looked at me, too. Time is very short. "Good night," he said. "I'm right across the street. Call me whenever you need anything." Then he closed the door for me, but I did not immediately hear the footsteps of leaving. I know, he is outside the door, did not leave, but also can not come in. With his little stereo at hand, I picked up the song he had written for me and turned the volume down to the lowest. In his own recording of DEMO, the same melody is interpreted with three different instruments. Guitar, piano and harmonica. Each one is so clean that people want to cry after listening to it. I use his music to give myself strength and confidence. This kind of me and this kind of him,stainless steel needle valve, our relationship has been unable to withstand repeated attacks and torture. I need his confession and commitment again and again, but I understand that people can not be so greedy, such coercion will certainly make him farther and farther away from me. How long can a relationship be maintained with self-reproach and remorse? I don't dare to think about it. How long can a relationship last without physical contact? Shu Zhikai must know this better than I do. Two weeks in a row. chinaroke.com

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