Quickly wear the scum of the strategy.
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For example, now to Zhuo Feibai, Rong Si is in a state of indifference, can see, or friends, but the attitude is polite and alienated, saying that it is impossible to like, say that it is impossible not to like. Thinking of this, Rong Si opened her eyes, and the information she had sent out before should also work at this time. As soon as Rong Si's idea was over, Zhuo Feibo's cell phone rang at once. Zhuo Shao, something happened. Hearing this, half of the cigarette in Zhuo Feibai's hand fell down directly. What did you say The news was fermented on the second day. As soon as he woke up, he touched his mobile phone and saw the headlines flashing one after another. The stock of Bonjour has fallen sharply, and there is a huge problem in the capital chain, which is suspected to be about to go bankrupt! If Zhuo Feibo does more injustice, he will kill himself, and the billionaire will eventually come to naught! But overnight, the news that Zhuo Yue went bankrupt and Zhuo Feibo was about to become a poor man swept all the headlines in an instant, and even became the first hot search list. Previously, the system also reported to her that the younger generation of the Zhuo family had done all the preparatory work, but did not know when they would start. And today her "Beauty Jianghu" just finished shooting, just ready to be released, and Beauty is the most important film of Zhuo Yue this year, in the second day of the end of shooting,Investment casting parts, this move is ruthless enough! Smiling, Rong Si stretched herself and sat up. We should know that every company basically owes huge amounts of money to major banks. At the same time, they use the money to make money, repay money, borrow money again, make money and repay money. Almost every company has such a capital chain. And now the man behind it, like Zhuo's father in the plot, directly cut off Zhuo Yue's capital chain in the middle, and has already made a good relationship,Magnetic Drain Plug, be sure to let Zhuo Feibo no longer get a penny, and at the same time find someone to tamper with the stock market, disturb the stock market, but also find someone to fan the flames in the back, we must make this matter bigger, apart from anything else, public opinion should be firmly grasped. Let all the people who watch the news believe that Zhuo Yue is going to collapse and Zhuo Feibo is going to collapse. Unlike the small fight in the plot, which only belonged to the family, Rong's hand directly involved two important families in Yanjing. Now the Zhuo family may be too busy to take care of themselves. Where can they manage Zhuo Feibo's company. Now Zhuo Feibo can be said to be a head, two big. But no one at all linked the storm with the previous incident of Yung Si being hacked. Only some people will lament that this Zhuoyue is really disaster-prone this year, before Huadan was blackened, now the company is going bankrupt directly, unlucky, it is too unlucky! Rong Si was watching the news on this side, and Ye Xuange and others on the other side were also paying attention to these movements. But Ye Xuange is from the beginning of other entertainment companies, this matter not only can not affect him, and even let him go further, deep draw stamping ,deep draw stamping, the only regret is that the film and Rong Si do not know whether it can be released. When Qin Kefei saw such news, his first reaction was to call Zhuo Feibo's cell phone, but unfortunately no one answered, and went downstairs to Zhuo Yue, but the guard simply refused to let himself in. Here Rong Si looked at the time, about ten o'clock, also used the mobile phone to dial Zhuo Feibo's mobile phone. After two rings, the other party was connected. Rong Si.. "Feibo, I've heard." "Is it?"? You can rest assured that I will find a way to get your film released no matter what! There's nothing to do with the movie. How are you? Is there really a problem with funding? You don't have to worry about these things. I remember you are going to talk about the endorsement of an international brand recently, aren't you? Xu Hui should not be able to do it, Zheng Leng there should be nothing, I call him back to help you talk about it? "There is no problem with my business. Is there no problem with yours as long as the funds are in place?" "I said you didn't have to worry about me. Don't you understand?" Zhuo Feibo's words suddenly roared out, and both sides were quiet at the same time. For a long time, Zhuo Feibo's voice rang, "I'm sorry, Rong Si, I'm in a bad mood now. I'll solve my problems. Don't worry about it. If it's all right, I'll hang up.." With that, a busy tone came from the mobile phone. On this side, Zhuo Feibo pinched the bridge of his nose, glanced at the phone that Rong Si had just dialed, glanced at the phone calls from Qin Kefei below, and sighed softly for a long time. Perhaps this encounter was a test for him, and if he withstood it, he would have the capital to set up his own business. He was now interested in Rong Si, and he could not deny the fact that the cold wind had blown all night. When the storm was over, he had the courage to give her a good life even if the family did not accept her. Think of here, Zhuo Feibo heart a shock, cheer up, you can, Zhuo Feibo. Holding up his cell phone and kissing Yung Si's number, Zhuo Feibo, who was blue and black, took a sip of the already cold coffee beside him and frowned in an instant. Yung Si, I hope you can wait for me! Rong Si, who had been hung up by Zhuo Feibo, glanced at her cell phone, threw it on the bed, got up and opened the curtain. On this day, Rong Si sat in the hotel for a long time, but what she waited for was the more serious situation of Zhuo Yue. The journalists outside were almost crazy, and it could be said that this was another carnival since the last time Rong Si was hacked, even more extensive than the last one. Yung Si is just a star, no matter how big it is, it is only a matter of the entertainment circle, but Zhuo Feibo is different, involving finance, stocks, entertainment, and even political circles. Zhuo Yue is going bankrupt. After a day and a night of fermentation, it is almost a matter of public knowledge. But at this time, Ye Xuange looked at Rong Si in front of him, frowned, and then laughed, "Rong Si,non standard fasteners, do you know what you are talking about?"? Is it worth it? Ah? Are you worth it for a Zhuo Feibo? He is more diligent in changing girlfriends than in changing clothes. Don't say you haven't been with him yet, you are with him. You can guarantee that he will treat you wholeheartedly in the future. In the face of those temptations, he will never cheat. Wake up! Rong Si.. 。 autoparts-dx.com

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